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Vanessa Leane

I graduated recently with an honours degree in Behavioural Science ­ so that is a long term goal accomplished. I actually had an offer to do a PHD at my presentation so I think I will go on to PHD research in a greater depth focusing on the intrinsic strengths of people across a lifespan and how we can empower others by providing optimum social situations which enable the expression innate motivation and validation of  ‘strengths’ which are often hidden. Well that is
the general direction at the moment.


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Philip and I have also been involved for the past 5 years setting up a marriage outreach ministry with African people. I guess it is a passion of mine really, combining cross cultural interaction and empowering relationships. ­The photo featured above shows the co workers team. ­Philip and I and another African couple have developed a team of couples to lead the ministry ­ it outgrew a home and now we hire a hall with guest speakers, discussion groups and panels – and a children’s program . African couples come all over Adelaide to attend the meetings. A few women have become my `sisters’ ­ I am very privileged to have such an opportunity to connect on this level.


Since 2003 I have been involved in Overseas Christian Fellowship ­ this is a nondenominational Christian organisation which was started by Marilyn Teage- the structure is to provide students with opportunities to run their own bible studies, reaching out to students, and ministry opportunities. I was elected as an advisor in 2005 and I have just resigned this year from the position. So over the years I provided many hours of counselling, teaching opportunities but mostly more as an advisor capacity to provide guidance. The students come from all over the world but mostly
from the Asian countries. Not all students are ‘wealthy’ some come on sponsorships and have little financial support ­ with language difficulties, expense and the pressure to succeed well – it is a challenging journey for them. I learnt a lot from my experience ­ it took a lot of patience because in a advisory role you are not the leader, ­ the students lead, it is an
empowering role really ­ behind in the background.


This is a dream come true ­ a dream coming true! We are in the process of developing a charitable organisation to
support abandoned and neglected children in the Philippines. We are partnering with our friends Pr. Allan and Cleofe
Manzanilla who are providing the management support and the passion to oversee the work.

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