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A nonprofit charitable organization in partnership with Filipino people.


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A Vision of Life for Filipino Children

Welcome to our first newsletter of Buhay Vision. This is an exciting opportunity to share with you the purpose of
Buhay Vision.  Buhay in the Filipino language means `life’.  It is our vision to bring life changing support to Filipino children who live in very deprived areas and suffer from malnourishment, and/ or abandonment and neglect.

Philip and I had the privilege of becoming good friends with Pr. Allan and Cleofe Manzanilla (children: Phebe
and Pinky) over a period of 15 years through our visits to the Philippines. They have a deep sacrificial love for the
children who live in abject poverty. Every day Pr. Allan and Cleofe strive to show their love through their actions
and words. I will never forget the kindness of the Filipino people extended to me during my visits with Allan and Cleofe to the `shanties’. I will also never forget the children. Behind the smiles were shadows of sadness reflected in their eyes, the language of suffering, unspoken by children who know no hope for tomorrow. Allan shared with us that on an Island called Negros Island in Bacolod City were some of the worst cases of neglect and malnourishment of children he had ever seen he had few resources left ­ could we help? And so Buhay Vision was born -a collaborative effort between Australians and the Filipino people to bring the hope of a better tomorrow into the everyday lives of these children.

Can you please help support Buhay Vision Children

A Hope-filled Life

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First row: Boys from the left. Jeboy Atillo, Bernard, Salomon, Christian Ode, Gilbert Tijamo, Kevin Espinosa. Second row: Girls from the left. Angel Jian pacija, Shena Suatin, Angelica Magallances, Sharah Suatin, Elsan Estirbubis.

We begin with 10 children. We decided that Buhay Vision would begin by providing support for 10 children. Through frequent visits to Bacolod City on Negros Island and in collaboration with social workers and people within the community, Pr. Allan and Cleofe identified 10 children who were in desperate need and have been ”abandoned’ by their natural parents. The youngest is four years of age and the oldest is nine.

Risk of slave labour

These children have had to work and are still at risk of child labor in the sugar plantations, working for 10c a day. Many of the children have spent time living `on the streets’. Boys such as Bernard and Kevin have grown up scavenging dumpsites. Most of  the children live with a Grandparent who struggles to provide adequate food and schooling.

Marlon and Gerlie offer their love

Under the guidance and lead ership of Pr. Allan and Cleofe, a young Filipino couple- Marlon and Gerlie Suarez offered to support the children. They moved to Bacolod City and are renting a very small unit. Both are passionate about empowering the children through the Buhay Vision program. They are fulfilling the role as mentors to the children providing vital practical and emotional support through the funds that we presently have available.


Buhay Vision

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Now and in the future

Partnership: Developing local capacity and equal partnerships with Filipino people, recognizing and valuing their character and cultural strengths, skills and expertise, working together to provide quality care and nurture of children in need.

Grandma (Nanay) Carmen and Nanay Rufa have kindly offered their home to feed the children and help with food preparation. They are always available to assist Marlon and Gerlie. Children dressed in their school uniforms ready for school

Protection: Buhay Vision seeks to provide financial and advisory support to ensure:

o Each child has adequate shelter, bedding and clothing.

o Prevention of any form of exploitation, abuse, discrimination or neglect.

Marlon and Gerlie visit the children during the week. Pr. Allan and Cleofe often travel from Cebu to oversee the program. These regular visits ensure the protection and safety of each child. Funds have enabled each child to receive clothing.

Education: Through a school sponsorship program, we will provide financial and advisory support to enable:

o Education from preschool to young adult (post school opportunities)

o Provision of uniforms, shoes, bag and school materials.

o Tutorial support.

Buhay Vision is presently paying for 10 children to attend school. Gerlie is providing extra tutorial support after school.

Health: Through a health and food program, we will provide financial support and an advisory role to give:

o Nutritious feeding program managed and supported by Filipino volunteers.

o Access and financial support for ongoing health care services.

o Ensure children receive health related education.

Buhay Vision presently have provided finance for volunteers, Marlon, Gerlie, Rufa and Carmen to cook and serve three meals a week to the 10 children. They each have their own dining set.

Nurture: Through a mentoring and/or fostering program Buhay Vision is committed to providing support to enable:

o An individualistic/holistic program to enhance the development of each child providing encouragement, guidance and Christian values.

o Recreational engagement of activities and celebrations.

With limited finance, Marlon and Gerlie have provided fun times and Christmas celebrations.

Can you please help support Buhay Vision Children


Would you be able to help support Buhay Vision children?

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We are endeavoring to support these children as a group of 10. Would you be able to help either financially or in other ways?

$9.00 provides 10 children 3 meals for one day

$100.00 will pay for a child’s education/uniform for a year

We urgently need assistance to provide adequate shelter for Christian who is at risk sleeping on the `streets’. The children really need a `table’ so they can sit and eat their meals. Angel has asthma and is in need of further medical attention. Marlon and Gerlie urgently need financial support to continue their volunteer work empowering the children. Willingness to brain-storm with us -provide networking and ideas!

Buhay Vision aims to provide comprehensive support for children in need, to improve and sustain the health and well being of malnourished and /or neglected children from birth to young adulthood, who live in deprived areas of the Philippines, thereby achieving lasting positive change in their lives.

A special Thank-you to:

Peter and Jan Cowie for their ongoing financial support.

Bruce and Gwen Leane ­ one off gifts- enabled school sponsorship, clothes and gifts for children.

Reggie- for your gift of encouragement/facilitation.

Michael Yusingco ­ offer of lawyer support in the Philippines.

Garry Beamish- offer of networking on Negros Is.

If you would like to help.


THE LEANE FAMILY: Vanessa, Philip, Andrew, Kylie, Melissa, Michael